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Regional Futures

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The territorial politics of digitalisation-as-urbanisation in the global south

Global and national initiatives to adopt smart technologies in local governments, with the claim that opportunities presented by digitalisation will resolve the challenges of urbanisation – are now literally automating regional futures. This project will conduct the first comprehensive South-South investigation of the dynamics of digitalisation-as-urbanisation – the transition to automated planning processes in metropolitan regions, and its impacts on regional urbanisation. The project will conduct research in peri-urban municipalities of three rapidly growing metropolitan regions where municipal digitalisation is directed towards strategic regional planning. These municipalities face major challenges with transforming paper-based colonial and postcolonial bureaucracies into automated planning processes within highly unequal contexts, and therefore represent the wider experience of digitalisation-as-urbanisation in the global south.


Digitalising state

  • How is the ‘digitalising state’ assembled in the municipal scale?
  • How does the digitalising state automate urbanisation?

Information Infrastructures

  • How is information stored, circulated and retrieved?
  • How are information infrastructures territorialised?

Territorial Politics

  • How does digitalisation capture new territories for expansion?
  • How is territorial expansion contested and disrupted in the peripheries?

Project details


Digitization of Land Information Management Systems in Kenya: An Inevitable Messy Affair

Land Brokers and Co-Production of Land Administration Services in Nairobi’s Urban Peripheries



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