Why should I join the BIEA?

You need to be a registered member to enjoy a number of BIEA activities and opportunities,
such as access to BIEA online journals and to the BIEA Library.

Who can join as a member?

Anyone with an interest in Eastern Africa social sciences and humanities studies.

Why do I join?

Please follow the instructions in the membership portal.

How long does the membership last?

The BIEA membership lasts for 12 months from the date of joining or renewal.

I am having problems logging in

Please contact us using the contact form but if urgent you may reach us through the
numbers provided on the website.


What kind of research do you support?

Humanities and Social sciences research in Africa with a focus on Eastern Africa. Please see our research themes for further information.

What do you fund?

We fund all aspects related to research except for academic buy-outs and equipment. and airtime.

How do I propose a research seminar, workshop or conference?

Please write our research office for guidance.

What support does the BIEA can provide for research?

We are able to provide research grants, field equipment (including crone and other states of the art GIS equipment), offices, vehicles, and temporary archaeological material storage

Why should I put the BIEA as a collaborator when putting in a research grant application for research in the region.

We have a long history of research projects in East Africa as well as research staff in diverse disciplines within Humanities and social sciences. Our project management team and finance staff have excellent skills to ensure that the projects are run professionally within budget and time.

Can I get help with research permit application process for Kenya?

Yes please contact our research office for details.

What are Dissemination grants?

The BIEA offers grants to successful applicants to allow them to go back to their research communities within East Africa to disseminate their research results. Please check the website for the next call.

What are Writing up grants?

We offer writing grants to recent Ph.D. graduates to enable them to publish a paper from their thesis. Please check the website for details.

When can I apply for a thematic research grant?

We have two calls per year. The first one during the month of April and the second one in November

Can I apply for a second thematic research grant if I am already holding one?

You can only have one grant at a time, but once you have fully accounted for it through research and financial reports, then you can make a new application either to complete your research or to start with new research.

How soon am I expected to claim my award and to submit my reports for a thematic research grant?

Awards must be claimed within the first 2 months of notification and reports (including receipts) must be submitted with 6 months. However, one can write to Director to ask for a ‘no cost’ extension as the need may be career and has completed their undergraduate degree at the time of application. One is also required to submit a 1000 words research article to appear in our Annual Review including any list of publications resulting for the grant.


What kind of books do you have in your library?

We have one of the most well equipped social sciences and humanities library in the region.

Who can go to the library?

All our members are allowed to use the library.

Can I borrow books?

No, all our books are for reference only.

When do you open?

Monday to Friday (9am-4:30pm) and Saturday (8:30am-1pm)

Can I access the catalogue from home?

Yes, your membership allows you to do this


What are your major publications?

We currently publish two journals in partnership with Taylor and Francis in the UK. These are Azania: the journal of African archaeology and Journal of East African Studies (JEAS).

Whom can I contact if I want to publish in any of these journals?

Author instructions can be found on the Journals’ website.

How often are they published?

Four issues of each journal are published every year.

Should I be a member to be able to publish in these journals?

No, but your membership allows you to access these and other BIEA publications for free and you can purchase hard copies at a reduced price.

How can I get permissions for image reproduction?

Please download the permission form and submit to the BIEA for authorization

Graduate attachment scheme

Who can apply for this scheme?

The scheme is open to any recent graduate who is interested in research in humanities and social sciences in eastern Africa.

Do I need to have any research experience?

No. The scheme is interested in giving practical experience to the participants and it is not intended for those who already have substantial experience of academic research.

How is the scheme running in the face of covid-19 restrictions?

We have moved our activities online and therefore, the participants are able to participate fully.

Can I indicate what BIEA project I would like to work with?

Yes, you can. There are no restrictions as to which project you can join although we like to give participants experience in different kinds of research and research methods.

Reading group

What is the reading group for?

The reading group discusses books, book chapters or articles from African studies.

Who can join the reading group?

Anyone interested in African studies and a member of the BIEA.

Who proposes the books or articles for discussion?

Any member of the reading group can propose.

What if I would like to have a book or article discussed and I don’t have it?

The BIEA acquires popular books for the library upon request if they do not already exist in the collection.

When does the group meet?

The group meets online once a week. For further details please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you.

PhD/Graduate Forum

Who can join the forum?

Any member of the BIEA from around the world who has recently graduated with a Masters degree, or is conducting PhD research or has recently completed a PhD

What are the activities of the forum?

Research presentations, seminars, encouraging each other, writing workshops etc.

Who facilitates the forum?

The forum is facilitated by the BIEA research fellow, but the seminars are delivered by various experts based on the topic of interest

Who decides what is to be discussed?

Group members decide on the topics of common interest and the facilitator finds a speaker or they can recommend one.

Facilities and equipment

Whom should I contact?

Fill in the contact form and we shall get back to you or you may use the email given in the facilities section

Can I also hire your vehicles?

Yes. We have land rovers that we hire out to our members for research purposes

What other equipment and facilities do you have?

We have camping gear, drone, GIS equipment, Audiovisual equipment etc.

Can I hire space at BIEA for an academic event?’

Yes, we have seminar rooms, marquee, garden, and offices. Please contact the office for details.

How do you charge?

The rates are available on our website but for more detailed information please submit the contact form.