6th – 11th November 2023

Conference Schedule

BIEA, Nairobi, Kenya

The World of Iron at 10 will synthesise the latest highest quality research being conducted on iron around the world, implementing a forward-looking format and aiming to develop new connections and foster the emergence of new talent. It will create globally and chronologically comparative perspectives, integrating insights gained from established and emerging research methods, and provide a dedicated focus on fundamental thematic areas.

This new agenda-setting conference will move beyond the first by facilitating targeted discussion sessions to specifically consider the future of global archaeometallurgy, and how, by reflecting on the state of research in 2023, we can begin to link our findings across space and time to maximise our impact.

Conference sessions:

Session 1

Invention, innovation and theoretical frameworks

Considering topics including:

  • Transition to iron.
  • Evidence of invention / innovations.
  • Theoretical approached to ferrous technology.

Session 2

Scales of production and exchange

Considering topics including:

  • Quantification of archaeometallurgical remains.
  • Production regions and trade networks.
  • Scales of production and consumption.

Session 3

Methodological approaches

Considering topics including:

  • Provenances studies.
  • Oral Histories.
  • Fieldwork approaches.
  • Laboratory investigations.
  • Experimental approaches.
  • Dating.

Session 4


Considering topics including:

  • Landscapes.
  • Societies.
  • Economies.

Session 5


Considering topics including:

  • Ethical engagement with businesses.
  • Novel stakeholder engagement.
  • Good practice.


  • Queries should be submitted to [email protected]
  • Participants should be available to be in Nairobi in-person from 5th – 11th November inclusive.
  • Participants will be expected to submit their papers for publication by summer 2024.
  • Full and partial funding is available to support participation in some instances. Requirements can be indicated on the Abstract Submission form.