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BIEA Workshop on Nationality, Identity and Citizenship in Kenya

Research shows that there are undocumented members of ethnic minority groups in Kenya who are struggling with statelessness. While some regard themselves as part of the indigenous populace of Kenya, others are said to have migrated from neighbouring countries and settled in different parts of Kenya. These communities are largely excluded from political participation, unable to access public employment, healthcare and education, and restricted from owning property such as land. Despite most of them living in Kenya for several generations and agitating for recognition, their quest for nationality, identity and citizenship is consistently questioned.

In recent years, the persistent call for recognition of stateless communities in Kenya has gradually yielded results. The government of Kenya, via the 2010 constitution, laid the framework for registering stateless people. This led to the passing of the Immigration Act 2011 in parliament, requiring the registration of stateless people by 30th August 2016. Even though the deadline was not met, communities such as Shona, Makonde and Pemba eventually benefitted from the government’s directive to be recognized as Kenyans and issued with Citizenship.

The workshop will mainly give preeminence to researchers whose work incorporates ideas of decolonization into the broad theme and the specific frame thoughts.  Selected articles will be considered for the forthcoming book on decolonizing knowledge of Nationality, Identity and Citizenship in Kenya.



Jun 23 2023


8:45 am - 6:15 pm

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