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‘Rage and Bloom’ Book Launch

Rage and Bloom Synopsis

Rage and Bloom is Anyuolo’s debut poetry collection and boldly confronts the excesses of capitalist exploitation, the internal contradictions of leftist revolutionary organizing, sexism and patriarchy. Anyuolo is exhilarating talking about love and friendship, and is optimistic about futures built on care and solidarity. This collection is a riot of work.

Lena Anyuolo

Lena Anyuolo is a writer, and social justice activist. Anyuolo’s work appears in Jalada Magazine’s After + Life anthology, Writers’ Space Africa Rejuvenation issue, Ukombozi Review, Review of African Political Economy, Africa is a Country, Gemini Spice Magazine, and Reflections on the Life of Pio Gama Pinto published by Daraja Press.

Rage and Bloom is available in Kenya & UG at;

  • Ukombozi Library
  • Nuria Bookstore
  • Mahiri Books Uganda
  • All African Bookshop
  • Comrades Bookshouse

Hybrid Attendance


Nov 11 2022


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm