Welcome to the enriching BIEA & IFRA’s joint collection catalogue of more than: 15,000 books, 60,000 periodicals, 200 thesis , and press reviews.


The BIEA maintains a joint research and reference library with our partners IFRA, unparalleled in the region. The library includes books, journals, off-prints, theses, and grey literature covering African (and especially Eastern African) history, archaeology, ethnography and related subjects.

The library is accessible for members of the BIEA or IFRA from 8.15am-4:30pm on weekdays, and from 8.15am-1pm on Saturdays.

Several desk spaces are available for use in the library. Desk space cannot be booked in advance, so you are advised to arrive early to avoid disappointment.

NOTE: Following a recent database survey, several reading materials were reportedly lost or overdue from the library. The BIEA and IFRA have therefore decided to suspend loaning of reading materials to protect our library collections. We apologise for any inconveniences this may cause.

BIEA Archive

BIEA also maintains a large archive of unpublished records and images collected by a wide range of researchers over the last 50 years.